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364                             THE GAY GENIUS

Shao Yung (1011-1077), neo-Confucianist,                 SU   l -

friend of Szema Kuang
Shao Powen   (1057-1134),  son  of  Shao                 fiPi&^i -

Yung and important memoir writer
Shen Kua (1030-1094), learned writer                      j>fc   Iff - Jj( if*

Shieh Chingwen, brother-in-law of Wang                 UfJ^iSl - ^ik

Shu Tan (Sudan, d. 1104) writer, enemy                 jfi   Jj[ - fjt&

of Su
(Shii Tacheng, brother  of  Shii  Tashou,                 jfefcjE - {$

Shu Tashou, magistrate of Huangchow,                 $felfc*i - ftftfe

good friend
Su Cheh (Tseyu, 1039-1112), brother of                J|   f& - ?&

Su Huan (1000-1062), uncle of Tungpo,                M   $1 ~ &&

elder brother of Su Shun, commissioner
Su Kuo (1072-112:5), third son of Tungpo                 j$

Su Mai (1059- ? ), eldest son of Tungpo    ,            jDfc

Su Shih (Tungpo, 1036-1101), poet                          j|jc

Su Shii (973-1047), grandfather of Tungpo                 ;$

Su Shun (1009-1066), father of Tungpo                    j|^

Su  Sung   (1020-1101),   prime  minister,                 |^


Su Tai (1070- ? ), second son of Tungpo                 j$f

Sudan, see Shu Tan
Sun Chueh  (1028-1090), close friend of                 J$


Sung Minchiu (1019-1079), writer
Szema   Kuang   (1019-1086),   leader   of

opposition to Wang Anshih, historian,


Ten Yuanfa (1020-1090), close friend,

Teng Kuan (Dunquan, d. age 58), un-
scrupulous official

Tsai Ching, prime minister, caused end of

Tsai Ch\ieh (d. about 1090, age 56), prime
minister, wicked intriguer

Tsai Pien (d. age 59), brother of Tsai
Ching and soa-in-law of Wang'Anshih